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Snob Sneakers represents a synthesis of contemporary lifestyle, street trends and original ideas: the perfect combination between sportswear and fashion.

Snob is not just Italian sneakers, it’s a way of life. It is a creative project born from the visionary mind of Tony Parvizyar. In his original idea for Snob he envisioned creating unique-centric casual street shoes that had its own distinctive style, and which leads, but didn’t follow common trends. Inspired by various styles and eventually surrounding elements of sportswear such as: hip hop style, pop culture and a mix of contemporary art fusion. It is used as a way out of appearance and freedom of speech. Today many people use streetwear fashion not only to stay trendy and classy, but to fully show one’s self artistically. All Snob sneakers are made in Italy, where innovation meets the fine art of manufacturing and the attention to detail, for a result of the highest quality.

SNOB is the title of this collection that baptize every single work of art, unique in the world, made strictly by hand. Each creation is personalized in an artisanal way, so as to make it inimitable: it is the fruit of passion and imagination that comes from the love of sneakers and the desire to create and customize something authentic.

SNOB is a language, it is expressing oneself in an exclusive way.

Tony Parvizyar is the head and heart behind Snob Sneakers. Thanks to his culture, the predisposition for art and the numerous knowledge he develops over the years between Milan and Beverly Hills, he perceives the lack of personality and imagination in the world of street shoes. So he decides to break the conventional rules by creating a collection of glamorous sneakers, which can be worn in everyday life, through a current language.
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